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Download our<br>Wardrobe e-Catalogue:
Download our
Wardrobe e-Catalogue:

At iDesign, we offer easy and affordable products that make finishing your projects a breeze! When you have a wardrobe system designed by us, you simply get everything you need and nothing you don’t. Our custom designed wardrobe systems gives you, our valued customers the ability to be in control, you get to decide on the storage solution that suits you best!

You may want to start with our suggested collection range from inserted or overlay sliding door closets to swing folding door closets or to the ultimate luxury walk-in closets. Our all-inclusive packages also offer fitted accessories, which compliments the look and feel of your wardrobe system. The utilisation of space is best achieved by flexibility of design. In our wardrobe designs, the rods and shelves are interchangeable, creating space for multiple uses. We always design our closets from the inside out, making sure the internals are ergonomically correct for your clothing; the doors are then custom fitted to suit.

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